Fall Ball

To register, go to REGISTER FALL BALL - Fall Baseball is Low-Stress and High Fun! In the fall we teach ALL PLAYERS how to throw, hit and play better defense. It is designed to give players an opportunity to continue their development in baseball after the regular season has ended. Fall Baseball is a relaxed, informal season which focuses on player instruction and improving the player skills and development.
The number of players who register for Fall Baseball will determine the number of teams and the number of players on each team.
Players are placed into their appropriate age bracket.  Fall ball ages go off what they played this spring season.  There is no Fall Ball for 5 year olds!
6-7 coach pitch
8-9 minors
10-11 majors
12  75' bases
13-15 teener
15-18 Legion are up to the Legion coach as to whether they play Teener, Legion or both.
The Fall Baseball season runs from early September through late October.
Registration for the 2018 Fall Baseball is OPEN and an opportunity for players to work on their skills, and improve their game. As we get closer to the Fall Ball season, more information will become available.
If you have any questions, call Allen Daugherty at (717) 919-0011.