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Insurance Coverage:  Only players who are registered are covered by the STBA Insurance package.  A player not officially registered should not be participating in any practice or game.  If insurance is to be claimed, your personal insurance plan would be used first, then additional action can be submitted to STBA for action.  Claims and/or questions should be emailed to stba@comcast.net immediately!

T Ball Games -
3 innings or an hour-and-a-half.  Whichever came first.
All games would be played on Saturday at Kauffman Field.
Rain outs would be made up at a practice field, or if Kauffman was available.
No games on Memorial Day Weekend.

Why T-Ball:  T-ball offers amazing developmental benefits for children. By joining this program your child will learn key motor skills, social skills, teamwork, focus and attention and much more...
T-ball is about the basics. During T-ball we will introduce your child to the fundamental concepts of the game of baseball in a fun, supportive, non-competitive environment. Coaches will teach basic hand-eye coordination. They will teach your child how to hold a bat, throw, catch, field and run around the three bases, get to home plate and score a run.
All this will be done through fun and exciting, skill-focused play.